DNS Service
Superior Performance

Traditional DNS infrastructure routes requests to specifically targeted, individual locations. SuperDNS routes them to the nearest available node through IP Anycast and our proprietary technology. This means your customers receive the closest, quickest, most accurate DNS responses.

Advanced Management Portal

Our web-based management portal and API are advanced and easy to use, providing the tools to keep your DNS environment accurate. Whether you're adding a new domain or configuring advanced DNS services like failover, load balancing or geographic-based routing, you'll enjoy secure control over your DNS infrastructure.

Reliability Is The Difference
iconWith SuperDNS
you can count on:

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Protection against DNS DDoS attacks, plus DNSSEC to safeguard against cache poisoning; SuperDNS manages and maintains its own industry leading resolver platform; as a non-open source platform it isn't prone to hijacking, spoofing or viruses.


Expansive ANYCAST network with carrier-class nodes for the fastest global DNS resolutions and the fewest dropped queries.


Guaranteed to answer queries 100% of the time with the lowest response times and drop rates in the industry, even during maintenance windows.


Easy-to-use management portal and API interfaces; the most comprehensive set of traffic-routing services available.


Continually expanding global DNS network to seamlessly accommodate growth.