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Registrant Alert

What is Registrant Alert?

Registrant Alert is the industry's first service to provide active monitoring of domain registrants. DomainTools has leveraged the power of its Reverse Whois engine to provide notifications whenever a person or company registers a new domain, has one transferred to them, or transfers a domain out of their control. Registrant Alert does not depend on a specific name server or registrar allowing new insight of domain registration trends that wasn't previously available through other tools like Name Server Alert.

What can I do with Registrant Alert?

Phishing and Typosquatting sites can be caught as soon as the squatter registers the domain name. Use the registrant view under our Domain Typo Generator to find people who are stealing your traffic then add a Registrant Alert on them to get emailed as soon as they register a new domain name.

Corporate monitoring allows you to discover what properties a company is buying, new products they may release, and domains they've acquire through arbitration. You will also be alerted when they privatize records, change addresses, transfer to a shell company, or sell a domain name.

Watch your domains by monitoring your email address or name and address. Alerts will be sent out when you get a new domain name, when someone registers a domain name on your behalf, or uses your name to register domains. Also, you will be alerted when any of your current domains' registrant isn't set to you anymore which is evidence of possible domain theft.

Local domain registrations can be returned by monitoring postal codes and city names. Set an alert for 90210 to get all the new domains registered to people who live in Beverly Hills. Find new start ups in that city or businesses that are expanding their online presences.

Supported TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info. Additional TLDs are also supported but the delay between registration and notifications can be significant or never occur.

Reverse Whois If you would rather have a complete list of domains that a person or company owns you can perform Reverse Whois Lookups. This is a one time report instead of an active monitoring.