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DomainTools Monitoring
Monitoring Tools

Use the most powerful domain monitoring tools available and stay up-to-date on the dynamic domain information you need. Just set the alerts appropiate to your needs. Just set the alerts appropiate to your needs and we'll notify you of the changes you want to knwo about as they happen so that you can take effective action!

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Registrant Alert

We'll notify You whenever you alert therm shows up in a Whois record for any newly registered, renewed or deleted domain name.

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Name Server Alert

Monitor the daily activity of all major TLDs on any name server with fewer than 50,000 domains and receive notification whenever there are new and/or deleted domains.

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Brand Alert

Set a Brand Alert and monitor domain name activity on your alert word or string of words. Be notified whenever new domains are registered or are about to be deleted.

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Domain Monitor

Domain Monitor lets you keep a watchful eye on your domains... or anyone else's!

Expiration dates, status changes-just tell us the domain names you want to monitor and we'll notify you about crucial changes to Whois records on an ongoing basis.

Brand New Datacenter Offers
Special 1
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Tier 3 datacenter in the Washington DC - Ashburn - Northern Virginia market with more than 75,000 sf of space. Within two miles of Equinix in Ashburn.

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Special 2
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Tier 3 datacenter in the Bay Area of Northern California - Silicon Valley - with more than 220,000 sf of space offering full cabinets.

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Special 3
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Tier 3 datacenter in Chicago offering full cabinets down to individual rack units and 30 carriers/ISPs on-net. Currently has over 25,000 sf available space.

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